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Nano Shield Extreme

270 kr

Nano Shield Extreme is a hybrid ceramic polymer designed as an easy to use spray on protective coating that gives a silky-smooth high definition finish to your boats gelcoat or paintwork.
This Breakthrough Hybrid Technology delivers outstanding results in minutes and can be also used on stainless steel, plastics & glass with the following benefits.
High coverage: Nano Shield Extreme 100ml will be sufficient to apply a protective self-cleaning coating to a 20ft boat

  • Fast & easy application
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Silky smooth ultra-high definition finish
  • Ceramic hybrid technology
  • Self-cleaning properties with UV protection


Surface must be dry and free from any dirt, oils, wax or polish residues before the application of the coating. Avoid application in direct sunlight.
Shake well before use. Use sparingly and spray 4-5 spots per 1m2  directly onto the surface and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth ensuring an even ultra-thin coating the buff off immediately with a clean microfibre cloth.
For longer term protection tow coats may be applied, waite 30 minutes before second coat.
Keep out of rain for 15 minutes.
For best results we recommend you use Pre-Clean to prepare the surface before application of Nano Shield