Gel-Coat Protection & Sealing

Our product line for Gel-Coat protection & sealing includes products that protects the surface from UV, creates and easy to clean surface and enhances shine.

Speedguard is a highly innovative Boat Care Product that can be applied in minutes. The treated surface will instantly become hydrophobic and will repel dirt, water, salt and UV. 

Yacht Shield is an innovative Nano-Engineered product that protects gel-coat and paint against the harsh marine environment. Yacht Shield repels water, oil, dirt and UV and leaves a super hydrophobic surface that is incredible easy to keep clean.

Nano Shield Extreme is a hybrid ceramic polymer designed as an easy to use spray on protective coating that gives a silky-smooth high definition finish to your boats gelcoat or paintwork.
This Breakthrough Hybrid Technology delivers outstanding results in minutes and can be also used on stainless steel, plastics & glass.

Quartz Guard is a ceramic, polymer hybrid, based on Sio2 with hardness of 9H. With a contactangle of 105 degrees, it creates a very hard, but still flexible superhydrophic surface with UV protection.